Monday, June 27, 2016

The New Sail

Spent most of yesterday working on the new sail for the Puddleduck.  Our original one was cut down from a discarded sail here at the Marina and we could never get it to lay right because of the inherent belly in the sail.

There ARE advantages in living with a fibre artist....
The material we're using is for a poly sunshade.
So we laid the thing out, measured, marked and cut it, then had to hem the edges.

Laying out the grommet points to lash it to the mast.
So by the end of yesterday, we got it lashed to the mast and the mast mounted to "Dharma Duck".   Today we'll do more tweaking on the rig, adjusting the sprit, and so on.  It's a boat.  Fiddling with them is what it's about.

Hey more stuff at Wild Shore Press and over at Life, Art, Water.  Check Em Out.

More later.  Gonna be another pretty day.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Colds

As in:  We have them.  Miserable things.  So if you're wondering why the pause in posts, that's it.  Today was better.  Today we felt well enough to sit up on the bank in the afternoon and have a glass of wine or beer and regard the world without sneezing.

Yes, this is better.
So tomorrow or the next day, I'll feel well enough to actually say something of merit: you know, something actually useful or entertaining.  At the moment, I'm crawling up top with a glass of wine, a piece of dark chocolate, and an episode of Torchwood.  We all have our recovery regimens.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

And Now, A brief Commercial Interlude.

Hey Wild Shore is doing some new promotionals on my books.  Rush right over in a downloading frenzy!

Revised Edition out in Hardcover finally.
Plus all day June 13, "An Alien's Guide to Sears and Roebuck" is only $.99 on Kindle.

$.99 all day June 13 on Kindle.
more shortly

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Ultimate Dock Crawl

Thought I would treat you guys to some scenes from our recent Marina party here at Middle River.  It was a cool premise:  Each dock came up with a libation for the party, and folks went from dock to dock, sampling them, meeting folks, getting to know their boats, and then capping off the afternoon with a cookout and a band.

Each dock set up a drink station.  What a cool Idea.
Either lots of folks came in costume or I need to start worrying about "S" dock.
We got to troop from one dock to the other.
Really good marina management is hands-on and helps build community.
And the band, No Drama, was really pretty impressive.
All in all, it was a great afternoon, with a hundred or so folks, food and drink, and spectacular weather.

Another reason we live here.

If you've ever thought of living aboard, give it a shot.  I suspect  you won't be sorry.

Oh, hey, more stuff over at life, art, water.

More Later