Sunday, March 15, 2015

On the Loss of a Beloved Crew Member

It  is a rather sad day here aboard the Floating Empire.  Kallisti, the redoubtable Siamese cat who has been our friend and minion for some 17 1/2 years, is passing from congestive heart failure.  As I write these words she is sleeping on a pile of towels on the floor near me, peaceful, but unable to walk or stand. It is only a matter of time.

Pets aboard ship are always such a joy.  Cats in particular seem to adapt beautifully to boating environments, their inherent balance and grace dealing with the motion of the vessel effortlessly, the vessel providing a myriad of close hiding spaces to inhabit, the marine environment full of fascinating sights and smells.  Even an elderly kitty like Kallisti, an October kitty who turned 17 aboard ship, seemed to love the boat and it's ways.

We shall miss the Kali-cat, her strong voice, quirky personality, and boundless affection.  It is hard, in moments like this, to remember how much our lives have been enriched by our furry and unfortunately short-lived companions.  I, for one, shall try very hard to remember.

Sail on, shipmate.  Sail on.

Morgainne and Kallisti


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