Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Puddleduck Cover

Okay, so our PD Racer "Dharma Duck" lives in the water off our stern, and I got tired of the gymnastics I was going through to attach a tarp whenever they predicted rain, so I got this idea for a simple, battened version that would go on and…well…STAY on.

Yeah, it's that crappy blue tarp stuff, but I had it, so hey.
I laid out a couple of 1'X2" scrap wood battens along the sides. . .

The folded corner is to go around our offset mast.
. . .and rolled them in the tarp edge, stapling them in place.  Our Duck has the offset mast from Bolgers "Fast Brick" design, although it's fixed, so the folded corner piece, unbuttoned, is to go around that.

So it just clips on at the corners and along the centerline.
I had already set some eyes at the four corners of the boat for a tarp, and there are cleats fore and aft center, so I just use small bungees to attach the tarp at the corners with the battens outside the gunnel, and at the center just for jollies.  The center ridge is the sprit, which helps it shed water.

Takes all of about 15 seconds to put on, and I don't feel like a gymnast doing it.
See?  Covers better, goes on easier, stays in place.

Just thought I'd share.


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