Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Foraging for Alcohol II

So, today has been a bit over a week since we macerated our wonderful local crabapples, inoculated them with yeast, and set them to ferment.
Ladling the must into a cloth lined strainer, all disinfected of course.
Today we strained and squeezed the fluid out of the must.

Having fermented for over a week, the must surrenders it's liquid easily.
WOW is this yeasty, but the resultant golden liquid has a wonderful flavor, and was utterly dry.  I, of course, don't have any way to meter the alcohol content, but by the taste it's over 10%, with no off flavors.

So we squeezed the liquid out of the must, then re-strained it through a clean cloth and added a cup of brown sugar.  Now it's back to the bucket and the fermentation lock for another week, and then to bottle.

Stay tuned :)


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