Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tesla's Revenge Update

Just a quick update on our campaign to raise funds for Tesla's Revenge and on the upcoming build.

And four is six and carry the two. . . .
The campaign is live on Indegogo and we're starting to get in donations, which makes us happy.  If you'd like to participate and be part of this project (and get some cool swag), you can do so by going HERE.

Our friend Robert, who is, among other things, the owner of the fastest paddlewheel boat on earth (no kidding), has been kind enough to do all the engineering computations for the size and shape of the paddlewheel, which has given us some pleasant surprises about the complexity and weight of the thing (more on this later), and we're moving forward with the final design work.  We also will be generating working drawings and renderings as we move through the build.

So, it's a good week for boats.  We move forward.  More shortly.

New stuff at Life, Art, Water, check it out.


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