Saturday, April 8, 2017

Building a Composting head, pt. 2

So the final, simple act in putting our new head together is to attach the seat.  We've used in the past the "Luggable Loo", a snap on "emergency" seat cover designed specifically to work with a 5 gallon bucket.  In order to make things easy, we cut off the top of one bucket to which to attach the seat, leaving enough length for it to nest in the full bucket of the receptacle beneath.
The toilet seat will snap onto the cut off bucket top, which will rest on the top of the toilet housing.
So you only need to drop in and line the full bucket, dropping in enough biomass to absorb the liquid (We continue to successfully use wood stove pellets.  They're compact and tidy), pop on the lid, and then put in the cut off bucket top and lid.

Looks rather nice, and the hatchcover is a neat way to conceal the biomass.
This is such a simple system, I'm amazed more people don't use them.  The blackwater ones reek, and they're a nightmare to repair.

More soon



  1. Great to see that you are still going strong with the composting toilet. One of these days, I'll get a boat together that's big enough to house one of these and Mrs. Jarm will turn her nose up to it initially, but these posts will hopefully turn her around.

  2. Honest, Mrs. Jarm, they don't ever stink and they're a LOT easier to deal with than blackwater pumpout systems. . . .which ALWAYS smell.