Saturday, August 19, 2017

Two steps forward. . . . .

. . . .and one back.  I HATE re-doing stuff, I really do.  You may remember a few posts ago where we replaced the plastic flipper-pump galley pump we had (that had stopped working) with a Whale pump, and spoke glowingly about it's form and function.


After less than two months it began to leak like a sieve and get progressively harder to pump.  I followed the disassembly directions.....everything seemed fine, it just wasn't working.

So finally I ripped the thing out and put in a new cheap flipper pump.  Hopefully this one will last more than two months.

So now I have ANOTHER hole to fill. . .and a lot of staining to take care of.  Sigh.
The motor and controller are on order from the nice folks at WildernessEV and are on their way.  Stay tuned for an unboxing.

More shortly.  Back to messing with the wiring.



  1. what would you recommend now?
    I don't have a pump but need one some time.

  2. On the Floating Empire we used a traditional cast iron pitcher pump, which worked flawlessly for years. I'd do one of those in a heartbeat but there just isn't room in this galley for one. We've re installed another cheap Valterra flipper pump and we'll see how it holds up. VERY disappointed in the Whale. They have a really good reputation in the boating community, but everyone seems to be having problems with this particular model of pump.