Sunday, December 31, 2017

A little temperature update

I said I would give some stats on the cockpit enclosure once we lived with it for a bit, and I'm pleased to report that it's working well. 

At night, the temperature runs about 6 degrees (F) above ambient, likely from capturing heat coming from inside the boat.

During the day, as long as there's direct sun, we can impound as much as 22 degrees above ambient.  That means, basically, that a 40 degree (F) day means the cockpit will be a pleasant 62 degrees (F).

This has been a great addition.
The FlexOGlass continues to hold up well, even in some pretty nasty winds, and the gorilla tape seams we've used seem to be holding up as well.

All in all, we're pleased.  Occasionally I win one.

Happy New Year, everybody.



  1. I'm interested in the longevity of this. If you would be so kind as to remember to update us in a year?

    1. Will definitely do that, Jarm. i'm curious myself.

  2. this enclosure probably makes ypu wonder how you ever lived with out it. the artc temps from last week were a bit inconvenient in my camper van but not terribly so. I do not run any heat while I sleep, so very cold inside in morning, 15° to be exact. but when I get out of my sleeping bag I fire up my propane heater and within 10 mins I have the entire van warmed up . I never did any artic temps when I stayed on my sailboat. just down into the lows 20s. just wondering how you made out with the cold. were you able to keep it bearable inside? I know many liveaboards that headed for the hotel in those temps.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ray, we're okay down to about 27 F outside, below which we have some problems keeping it warm and dry inside. Below that, condensation starts to be an issue as well. Hotel? Nahh, we're durable, but in terms of sleeping, getting bashed around at dock by the wind is more of an issue than the cold. Enjoying the warmer weather though