Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rather a Lot of Updates

What a calm sunset should resemble.

 So, with so many projects in the offing, I thought I should do a post to bring you guys current with a bunch of them.  Here's a lovely evening shot at the marina.  The last few days were NOT like this.  The winter storm that went through bombification and unloaded on us here in the east was one of the worst we've experienced here at the marina.  Chief among the effects, aside from knocking the boat around quite a bit in the slip, was to blow virtually ALL of the water out of the upper Middle River and left us stranded in the middle of a mud flat, sitting some five feet below the dock and rather stuck on the boat.

This not water.  This is wet mud, and we're embedded in it.
Fortunately, it only lasted a day.  Now, I know half of you guys are asking yourselves, "with 65mph winds, how did the plastic glazing on their wheelhouse hold up?"  See, I do pay attention.  The answer is:  amazingly well.  We had no apparent damage of any kind to the FlexOGlass sheeting or our Gorilla Tape seams.  It was noisy as all hell, but it seems to have held up just fine.

The urine diverter we fabricated for the composting toilet was a real lifesaver during the storm.  It kept us from having to get off and dump the toilet during some really nasty weather.  At present, we're having to empty the 1.5 gallon pee bottle about every two days and the solid mass from the toilet itself about every 10, which beats the hell out of what we were having to do beforehand.  In summary:  if you're on the boat more than two days running a week, build one.

Now the water has--mercifully--returned to the river and we can get off the boat without a ladder, the winds are fading, and life is returning to some semblance of normal.  Looking forward to some calm days, some decent writing time, and the coming spring.

Much more coming,



  1. Thanks for the update. As I read the speed of the wind, you must have preemptively read my mind about the glazing. Also, I'm not surprised about the noise. It acted like a really big version of our ear drum.

  2. I'm psychic that way. . The glazing actually surprised me. One of the boats here in the Marina clocked 92MPH on their wind gauge during that set of storms. No damage at all. Pretty impressive, actually.