Saturday, October 20, 2018

Electric Motor Install 3.somethingsomethingsomething

Finally a nice day and we managed to get some work done in getting the wheel ready to mount.
Everything you see that isn't red (yet) is carbon steel and has to be painted.

We used the nice weather to do the last of the touch up painting and to get some rust preventative paint (which mercifully matches the wheel) on all the steel parts that aren't stainless, those being the driveshaft, flanges, and pillow blocks.

We also got the motor mounted.  Here it is covered with plastic while we finish painting.

Here you can see the pillow block bearing, driveshaft, and connecting sleeve all painted.

The beast is now ready to install.
So today I'll install two strong eye-bolts to the wheelhouse frame for the support chains (we'll start with line until we're sure of the length) and then, hopefully (tide and wind cooperating) we'll get this puppy on and working over the weekend.

Wish us luck.

More hopes.



  1. hopefully the motor is water proof.

  2. Everitt the motor is intended for use in an electric motorcycle. I'd characterize it as water resistant. A bit of wet won't bother it. I don't think it would enjoy immersion. One of the side effects of our solid-sided wheels is that not a lot of splash should get on the motor. At any rate, I'm fabricating a shroud for it.

  3. Seeing it ready for install really does make me think that you're going to like your initial results. Keep me posted