Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Freakin' Epoxy


I really hate this stuff
We had a few days of decent weather and decent temperatures so we knocked out more of the glass work.  May I say again parenthetically that I despise fiberglassing things.  I debated doing it on this project and was finally convinced to, but I'm not at all sure of the decision.  We finished the entire bottom of the hull, covering it with 4.5 oz cloth and epoxy and also covering the bow and stern.  Tomorrow we'll do the sides, then sand--which will be miserable and prickly--then do an overall epoxy coat prior to painting.


Still, the boat proceeds, if a bit set back by six days of rain and wind.  I'm hoping to get the beast painted and turned by midweek next week and then knock out the enclosure as quickly as possible.

After beating ourselves up sticking down fiberglass cloth yesterday, we went up to Carson's Creek for a libation and come calimari.  I kinda figured we needed a break.  So tomorrow we'll dig into it as quickly as we can (I'm trying to wait till the temperature tops 61F to work with the epoxy).  Rain Thursday, and apparently rather heavy, so at least we'll get an enforced day off this week.

Stay tuned.


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