Thursday, April 30, 2015

A long overdue safety addition.

One of the things that we kept meaning to do was to rig some kind of boarding ladder to help us get from the water into the boat.  It's not an idle addition.  In freezing water, unless you have the upper body strength to heave yourself onto the deck (and there's precious little to grab onto), you'd have to swim around the piers to the dinghy dock here at Middle River before you could get back on something dry and warm.  Add a possible injury from a drop in the drink to that, and we knew that could be a dangerous option.

So we found this little folding swim ladder to mount on the stern.

The gizmo is actually intended for mounting UNDER a swim platform....which of course we don't have.....but by mounting it, um, backwards I was able to make us a functional swim ladder for the stern.

Frankly doing without this was dumb and a wee bit dangerous.  In your own boat planning, make a point of providing a way to get BACK on the boat should you exit by accident or misadventure.

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