Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Door Into Summer

At 10:22 this morning, Kallisti, our belov'ed feline friend, walked through the door into the summerland.

She had fought the good fight, and had had a few good weeks, for which I am grateful, but this morning we knew it was ending.  We took her to an open, grassy place in the sun, and she passed.

Our companion for nearly 18 years, we miss her horribly.

Raise a glass for the kitty, friends.  We'll not see her like again.

Mungo and Morgainne


  1. A pet is part of the family. You've lost part of your family as a result. You have my condolences.

    1. I forget who it was that said, when you buy a pet, you ultimately buy sorrow. The differences in our lifespans almost guarantees that we will be burying our friends, but the time together is well worth it.