Saturday, May 30, 2015

Call For Artists

One of the things that happened over the winter to Floating Empire was the utter failure of the spar varnish we had lovingly layered on to protect the natural wood of the sides.  Frankly, it just looked horrible.  So, in casting about for an idea to make it look un-horrible we went back to an older post about the artification of the boat.  On one level, the sides are just a series of frames.  Hmmm.

So here we go:  This is a call for artists to turn Floating Empire into a piece of floating artwork.  We are seeking artists to do each of the exterior panels, 11 in all.  Fore to aft, the panels are roughly:(width to height)

Port side, 4'X6', 8'X4', 4'X2', 3'X6', 7'X4', 4'X2'
Starboard side, 4'X6', 8'X4', 3'X6', 7'X4', 4'X2'

They are (mostly) smooth plywood surfaces that have been coated with Kilz and ready for paint.  So here are the parameters:

1)  Paints must be durable outdoor paints, capable of living through at least a two year constant exterior exposure to water, sun, wind, and rain.

2)  No appliques, nail ons, or other non-paint additions (we will consider some special ideas, if you have em, but weight is an issue).

3)  Do you have to come to Maryland to paint this directly on a moving boat from another moving boat? . . .um. . .probably.

We can't pay you, but you get to be part of the project, your art reproduced on all of our blogs (I think we're up to eleven thousand, but it may just feel that way when we go to update them), we will also treat you to astonishing food and drink (we being former restauranteurs)

 Positions open until filled.

We're open to most themes and styles (marine themes not necessary, though we're happy to see them), though things that will get us arrested, things that look like gang graffiti, and overtly religious or political themes are unlikely to be considered.  Bear in mind, we have to LIVE with this, guys.  The judges are not impartial, but cannot be bribed. . . .

. . .hmm. . . .well, maybe.

Submissions like this one may be sent to our web address.
 Submissions should be .jpg or .gif format, and may be sent as an attachment to:

Come play.


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