Tuesday, June 30, 2015

C'mon People. . .

We've recently had some heavy rains here on the Middle River, which has, predictably, flushed a lot of dead grasses and branches from the shoreline.

Unfortunately, it has also flushed paper towels, candy wrappers, plastic bottles, and about a billion cigarette butts (why is it that a normally responsible adult that would never, ever throw a candy wrapper out a car window seems to be just fine doing the same with a lit cigarette?)  into the waters of the Middle River and, hence, into the Chesapeake.

I mean, really. . . .

Leaves and straw I get, but cigarettes, disused fenders. . . .

. . candy and chip bags. .

. . .and of course the ever popular oil slick. . .
People, please have a care.  Everything, EVERYTHING you toss by the roadside, in the weeds, in the gutter. . . all of it eventually makes its way into the bay.  The bay is not your mother.  The bay should not have to clean up after you.




  1. This is something I have tried to convince people of for a long time. Alas, people are worse than pigs.

  2. I must confess, every time I see somebody throw a cigarette butt out a car window, I want to pick it up, run over to them, and say "HEY you dropped this!" We've got to stop fouling our own nest.