Thursday, July 9, 2015

Oh, Bother...

I had a rather wonderful post in the works about a really enjoyable raft-up we had with many boats from the marina on July 4.  Really, it was cool: nice folks, great food, rather too much ethanol, music, fireworks, good times.

Sadly, my wonderful little Kodak waterproof HD camera took exactly this moment to shuffle off its mortal plastic coil.  Sad really.  The little thing took very nearly all the photos on this blog.  They don't make them anymore.


So I'm fishing for shots other folks have taken, because the rafting experience is one of the best parts of partying on the water, and we really wanted to share it with you guys.

More shortly.

Anybody got a camera?


New stuff over on Morgainne's blog, Life, Art, Water.  Check it out.


  1. Good thing I brought my cell phone, although not waterproof i did get a picture of you and Morgainne in the floating island.

  2. Thanks Shannon, will be posting that shortly :)