Friday, April 22, 2016

Living in new spaces

This is ever so much more pleasant
So, we're about halfway through the revisions to the boat, and I've got to say, it's a much more pleasant and productive space.  We're really enjoying the more open floorplan, the settee is a much more comfortable place in which to sit and work, and we'll have more storage when we're done--and storage we can get to without crawling like commandos under the counters.

Next up, dealing with this:
Look quickly, it's going soon.

Not that we have a lot of issues with the Galley.  It has served us well, but we laid out the thing based on the kitchen in our old apartment, and, frankly, we don't have the same work flow patterns here on the boat as we did there.  That's what living with a space can teach you.  So the sink is going to the far left and we'll get another two feet or so of counterspace.

Sigh...never ends.

But we did get a great find the other day.  A furniture refurbishing store was tossing out this great little sideboard stand.  Enameled steel top (like our breakfront, also 1930's) nautical theme, et al.  It will fit perfectly with the new galley and sink.  Don't pass up these things when you see them by the side of the road.  They can be great plusses for your space.

Hey, if you've got a kindle reader, there's a giveaway of downloads for my Novella "In the Shade" (caution, some adult content) on Kindle this weekend (April 22-24 2016).  Go grab yrself a copy.

More later


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