Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Minor Downsides

We spent a sleepless night last night, getting knocked around by 25+ MPH winds.  This wind nonsense has been going on in the Baltimore area for two days or all kinda blurs.  The sudden movements of the boat to gusts, the sudden stop at the end of the mooring lines, the sound of the waves against the hull, all of them are unaccustomed sensations and conspire to make an unsettled evening and a grouchy morning.

See this?  This is calm water.  This is NOT what last night looked like.
Even our beloved little Puddle Duck Racer, "Dharma Duck" took a bit of damage from being beat around.  All in all, not a great evening.

But one of the wonders--as well as the price you pay--of living aboard is living much, much closer to nature than most of our contemporaries.  The wind, the sun, the temperature of the water. . . .you feel all of these acutely. You live with them every day of your life.  They become part of you.

I'm more than willing to make that trade.

Summer is coming.
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