Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Puddleduck Prep

Spent a part of this GLORIOUSLY unrainy day doing work on our little Puddle Duck Racer "Dharma Duck" for spring.  Over winter, during some of the storms, she had taken a bit of a beating.  The handle on the leeboard had caught on the edge of "Floating Empire" and snapped off, and the rudder had cracked from an impact with one of the pilings.  Sigh...always something.
You can see how we had to move the pintles down due to a crack up by the tiller.
So we cleaned the girl up and made necessary repairs and took her for a short, impromptu paddle up river.

Ready for her mast.
So I've gotten the material to make Dharma Duck a new sail for this summer and we'll be putting on a bit of a taller mast to accommodate a Lateen rig with a bit more square footage.

Stay tuned.  So happy to see the sun.


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