Friday, May 20, 2016

YET more galley progress

I know you guys have got to feel this is the "all galley, all the time" blog, but we've been making lots of progress lately.  Yesterday we finally got the center shelves in.  These will hold baskets with our veggies and fruits and also some of the heavier cast iron pots, etc.  The setup is already working well.

Turned out rather better than I'd hoped.
So over the next day or so we'll stain and seal the wood.  Stay tuned for more exciting galley details, along with a selection of galley memorabilia, tee shirts, coffee mugs. . . .

. . .okay, okay, we're almost done with the freaking galley.

Hey, you may have to thumb through the pages of givaways to find it, but the Goodreads site is giving away signed copies of my novel "The Ganymeade Protocol" in an online raffle sort of thing.  You can find the givaways here.  The book will move closer to the front page as time goes on, up to the givaway date of May 31, 2016, so, like I said, you may have to sift through a few pages to find same.  The cover looks like this:

I do like the new cover.
The site is a great place to win free copies of newly released books, btw.  Run over and win yrself a copy.

New stuff at Life, Art, Water, check it out.

More Later

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