Friday, July 8, 2016

More Foraging

 You know, one of the great joys of this place is the rather surprising amount of. . .well. . .food that is just laying around the Marina and environs.  Obviously, before the intrusion of ugly, plastic-sided condos, there were homes and farms here, and those folks planted all manner of crops that have now normalized and become permanent residents of the neighborhood.  There are black walnuts and crab apples and, this time of year especially, there are droves and droves of ripe red raspberries for the taking.

All over the place. ..naturalized plants tend to spread along roadways and paths.
Caution is advised:  the bushes are prickly things, and tend to hang out among stinging nettle.
So it's fresh berries on good vanilla ice cream, and berries on morning cereal for the next few weeks, until the goodness stops, until the plants are picked bare.. . .it's okay, the crabapples are coming, and the farmer's markets are now starting to fill with early corn and greens and fresh tomatoes.  Oh, yes.

It's been hot here lately, with heat indexes in the low 100's some days.  We do have a solution of course:

Summer fare
Company and conversation and drinks under the drinking tree.  Yep.  Summer.

Another Gin and Tonic?  Um. . .sure.
Stay cool, folks.

More shortly,

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