Friday, July 22, 2016

Battening down

The Work on the Boat continues:  In keeping with the Vardo theme of our shantyboat, we've been painting and cutting battening strips to hold the new side membrane in place.

Batten boards cut and primed and ready for paint.

We decided to go with bright Caribbean colors for the sides..
Of course, screwing them onto the side of a floating vessel from ANOTHER floating vessel is rather the ultimate core exercise, but we got the bulk of the Larboard side done this morning before the direct sun and temperatures in the 90's drove us into the shade.

Island colors on a floating Gypsy wagon. . .we are nothing if not eclectic!

Most of the battens in place.
Now we just have to do the bottom ones and a couple of cross members. . .

.. . .and the windows. . .

. . .and the entire Starboard side. . .

Oh, well.  It's a boat.  It's what one expects.

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More later.  Time for shade and a cold drink.


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