Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hoofin' It

Okay, so if you're wondering why we've had yet another pause in the blog over the last few days, we had a bit of an automotive disaster.  While picking up a friend from work--one of our fellow livaboards--we turned a corner and the entire front suspension of our beloved and much abused little three-cylinder Metro simply, um, collapsed.

Our little Metro in happier days, next to the frame for "Floating Empire"
Well, in Little Red's defense, she did have going on a quarter of a million miles on her, and on the original clutch I might add.  Now THAT'S construction.  Ultimately it was rust from road salt that did her in.  Snif.

So now we're dealing with a quandary. The vehicle is apparently not repairable with any reasonable amount of money and effort. We had discussed early in this blog exploring bike routes with the thought that we might go carless (you can check out that entry here). Do we buy bikes an follow through on it?  Do we start using more of the available mass transit?  Do we find another functional junker to buy? 

Magellan just finds all these considerations exhausting.
So that's been occupying our boat time of late.  We hope to have it all sorted out by week's end, proceed with the membrane repairs to the Starboard side, and go on with our lives.

Sigh.  Will miss the little car, but engines are always a hassle.

More later


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