Friday, April 19, 2019

And more Fiddling

So while we await the new motor controller, we've been doing projects we'd long talked about.  My latest, since I still had a piece of somebody's discarded teak hatch cover, was to make a box for our electronics in the galley to try and wrangle the snake farm of power cables, adapters, headphones, battery chargers, and associated detritus.

Turned out rather well, I think.
The box will sit on the galley bench between where we usually sit and house our laptops, phones, etc, when not in use.

More or less it's new home
Big enough for the laptops, and I wired in a power strip to charge 'em.
We also took the time to rack and bottle a new batch of hard cider.  7.89% abv, and some really nice flavors.  Decided to leave this one a still scrumpy since we like the tastes so much.

Color's nice too.
Tonight it's rain and another tornado warning until Midnight, but the weather is warmer and spring has finally turned the corner around here.

Controller supposedly shows up tuesday.

More shortly


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