Friday, April 12, 2019

Fiddling About

Does it seem like we're always fiddling about with this boat?  That's probably because we're. . .well. . .always fiddling about with this boat.  This week while waiting on a new motor controller so we can FINALLY get this thing on the bay, we took a hard look at how we were using the cockpit and decided to make it more useful to us.

So what we finally decided to do was to basically cover over the cockpit forward of the binnacle and cover it with cushions as a larger lounge/summer sleeping area.

Laying out the new cockpit cover.  The hatch will provide access to the former forward part of the cockpit for dead storage (also there's some wiring down there to which we'll need access)
Another shot of construction in progress, with the access hatch open.
We also decided that we needed at least some kind of removable table for our dining and imbibing pleasure.  Someone at the Marina had thrown out an old teak hatchcover last year, and, being a pack rat, I snagged it on the off chance that we might have a use for it.  We used some piano hinge and attached it to the forward part of the binnacle, using a chain to support the forward end so we could do without putting legs under it.

Table from scavenged teak.  Doesn't get much better than that.

We hit it with some teak oil this morning, and it popped right up.

You can't beat good wood.
First usage last evening was a rousing success.
As for the new lounging platform, Magellan has thoroughly adopted it.  We've covered it for the moment with disused lounge chair cushions, and it's exactly the space we've needed.  Later on we may do some more permanent upholstery, but for the moment, it's lovely.

Magellan loves the new space.  Good lord this is a big cat.
The spring has hit in earnest this last week, with beautiful days and mild nights.  We've taken long walks out a Marshy point, grilled some amazing food, used our little smoker, and, in general, tried to shake this last winter out of our bones.  Middle of next week, we should get the new motor controller and wiring harness.  Stay tuned.

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Much more later



  1. I love how you've repurposed the hatch door! It came out so classy and gives nice added function to that area.

  2. It's odd, sometimes you have to live in a space for a bit before you really know how you'll be using it. The little table seems such a natural now I'm surprised we didn't do it sooner.