Saturday, August 13, 2022

The Process

 It's odd how things repeat themselves.  In 2013 when we started gearing up to build the original Floating Empire, we began acquiring the things we thought we'd need for the boat, slowly filling up a little unused office space in our apartment with sinks, batteries, solar panels. . .all manner of things to go on the new vessel.

A room full of stuff destined for Floating Empire in '13

Now history is repeating itself.  We're gradually acquiring all the things we think we'll need for this new build, so into the storage locker are going tarps and solar panels, solar generators and fiberglass cloth, and a half ton of epoxy resin, house paint, bottom paint, windows. . . 

Ecoflow Lithium Battery system that will be the heart of our new electrical system.

Of course, living aboard, there's no spare room to put stuff. . .there is, of course, our storage locker. . .and the car. . .and the bilge.

All that being said, we can't wait to get this thing under construction.

Seriously, stay tuned.


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