Sunday, September 11, 2022


 We actually began construction on the new shantyboat yesterday, measuring and notching the chine logs only to have my jigsaw die on us.

This is $800 bucks worth of wood?  At least the marina is providing us a nice space to build.

Marking the chines for notching.  Hull is, of course, being built upside down.

and then my 10 year old jigaw died.

Now, of course, it's pouring down rain.  Seems to me we had he same weather problems building 'Floating Empire' ten years ago. . . 

. . . .has it been that long?  Jeez.

So as soon as the weather clears, we're back at it.  Progress is always so slow at first, but I'm hoping this will come together pretty quickly.

Stay Tuned.


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