Monday, September 21, 2015

Little Stuff on a Rainy Day

Grey and rainy here today, so we've been doing a bit of tidying inside, doing a bit of trim work, you know, the usual.

Did some staining and trim on the new Galley configuration….

. . . .also FINALLY got stain on the little table I built for our water filter set up.
Our Galley has always worked well for us, and the double washtub method we've used over the last year has worked beautifully, but the sink did rather tend to collect dirty dishes, then have to be cleared out and cleaned before we washed them.  At a recent trip to Ikea, we ran across this bin that just fit. . . 

See?  Just fits.

. . . so now the bin goes in the sink, and the dishes go in the bin, so all we have to do is lift it out when we get ready to wash them.

All in all, its one of those days where the motivation level is rather low.

As usual, the Cat gets it right:

Magellan KNOWS what to do with a rainy day.

More stuff of significance later.  Right now, it may actually be nap time.  The cat always knows.


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