Monday, September 14, 2015

Puddleduck Build and Splash Pt II

So on a sunday afternoon, after the rains had gone, we completed our little Puddle Duck Racer "Dharma Duck" and got her wet.

First things first though:

Boat has to have a name, right?  Glad I live with an artist, or this would look like a Steadman illustration.
There we go.  Slightly offset due to the offset rudder.
The leeboard goes on.  We used the lid of a paint bucket as a bearing surface between the board and the boat.

Pivoting Leeboard
We laid out the sprit and then laced the sail to the mast.

Love the simplicity of the sprit sail.  If we see the need, we might add a lower sprit as well.

The lacing pattern took some figuring.
Then the gudgeons had to be mounted to the stern and the offset mast attached.

Because of the deep rudder, the gudgeons couldn't be mounted without the boat on her side.
Yeah, it's a group effort.

Attaching the offset mast with sail in place.

Then it was off to the water.  If you build one of these, make SURE to build in some handles, cleats, tethers, something. . .the little boat with end air boxes gives you very little ways to carry it, much less lower it into the water.
Fortunately a lot of good friers make for light work.  The boat is a handful unless you add handholds btw.

Off to the splash.  Note the lines tied on the fore cleat for lowering.
Of course, we had to lift the bottom over dockside cleats and faucets, which was a pain.

Yeah, I know its heavy, but mind the faucet!!!
Scary angle going in.
I had only two requests:  A) that she float and B) that she float upright.
Paddling out from between the docks.  She's VERY light on the water.
And then we pulled the sheets and the sail went tight.
I did not expect the boat to be this quick under sail.  Wow.
We did wind up moving the leeboard forward about a foot as
the boat had a bit of a lee helm.
So there you have it.  The Floating Empire now has her own tender and sailing dinghy, Dharma Duck.  There's still a bit of tweaking to be done:  The very long rudder has a tendency to float out of the gudgeons, which has to be addressed, and I'm still not happy with the way I have the lines rigged, but the boat was a great , 6-day project, it sails quickly and well, and we're really proud of her.  Many, many thanks to all the folks that helped us make this happen.  Good friends make things fun and easy.

Stay tuned.


PS hey more stuff shortly at Life, Art, Water and Onboard Cooking, check em out.

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