Monday, October 3, 2016

. . . .and yet MORE Winter Prep

Pulled and painted the woodstove yesterday and stripped and reseated all the tile thereunder.
It looks like giving this thing a coat of high heat paint is gonna be a yearly thing.
Now that we're apparently done with our week of pounding rain (at least, until the current hurricane comes up the coast) we're pushing to get the last few necessary things done before the cool sets in.  I've got some more floatation to put under the bow, and there are two very small leaks where the new side membrane is overlapped by the roof membrane I need to address.  We're thinking that our revisions will make for a more comfortable winter, and, given the woodstove, a less expensive one.
Will have a review of our new dual-fuel cooktop shortly.
So, today we'll finish tidying up the stove area, putting in some trim and reseating the chimney, give the new float some antifouling paint and bail out the puddleduck, and then take some time to enjoy the finally nice fall weather.

You as well.  Get out there and appreciate.  Good for the soul.

Hey, new stuff at Life, Art, Water.  Check it out.



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