Saturday, October 15, 2016

Why we live here, the sequel

So today it was "knock knock" Ahoy the Boat, and one of our slipmates, who is a diver, stopped by saying they had just come from diving off Kent Island and would we like some fresh oysters?

Is that even a question?  Hells yes.

So here we are eating away at some four dozen of the freshest raw oysters I've ever had.

Life in a beautiful place with good and generous friends is EXTREEEEEMLY low on the suckage scale, Just Sayin'.

enjoy the fall....and if you ever have the chance to live on a boat, the proper answer is: "yes, thank you, I'd love to."



  1. Amazing gift!! I need to go back to the beginning of your journey and get ideas for getting started.

    1. It's pretty much all there: every nail I put into the thing is pretty much documented :)