Monday, December 19, 2016

A minor gas update

The ubiquitous #20 Propane bottle.
Just as a quick update to our propane installation:  We've been using the propane only for cooking, and as you know if you've been following our blogs, we cook. We enjoy it, seldom eating out and almost NEVER using prepared foods of any kind.   Morning coffee and tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner. . . we roast our own coffee, we bake occasionally.  We use the galley constantly.  We also use the propane to heat water to do dishes, and for hot water bottles to warm up chilly feet on chilly evenings.  That's pretty continuous use of the stove.

We were curious how long one of the #20 bottles would last us.  Now we know.  This first round lasted us a trifle over six weeks.  Not bad, and certainly more economic than using non-refillable bottles.

Just cause some of you asked.  You may notice I didn't mention the wood stove and haven't mentioned the Kerosene Butterfly Stove in a bit.  Yes, we've stopped using them and, no, we're not particularly happy about it.  The Butterfly Kerosene stove worked well and faithfully, but Gail began to have a problem with the Kero fumes (ditto for our kerosene heater).  We were more than happy with out little TMZ Woodstove, but the Marina decided they didn't want any solid fuel stoves in the marina.  So, if we wanted to stay here, we're stuck with an electric heater and no woodstove.  Sigh.

More later


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