Thursday, December 8, 2016

Update to the Cider Update

. . . . .or, give it a little time, dammit.

So I put together the must for the pumpkin cider, pitched the yeast, and waited.  A day passed. . . .two. . . .nada.  No signs of fermentation (WHY would I think there would be?), so I freaked out and stirred it again, even did another yeast pitch.  Maybe, I thought, the must was still too hot when I did the original pitch (it wasn't).  Maybe there was too much chlorine in the water.  Maybe the moon was out of phase.


Only to feel like an idiot when the thing started cooking in earnest the next day, and has been ever since.
Yep, bubbling away.
Okay, so I get impatient.  This, like a lot of natural processes, takes time, and takes it's OWN time to happen.  Kinda like life.

So in a week or so, when the fermentation slows down, I'll rack it off the lees and to a second ferment, adding a bit of brown sugar and spices (it is a Pumpkin cider, after all), and, if I can keep my freaking hands off it, all shall be well.

Patience, Mungo, Patience.




  1. Homebrewing is something I really enjoy. A friend who introduced me to it said this about it, "Homebrewing is fascinating because it is a little bit of science and a little bit of magic."

    Glad to see that your fermentation kicked off eventually. I've been there and it is nerve racking.

    1. . . .no pun intended :) The stuff turned out REALLY well. Can't wait to make some again as long as fresh pumpkin is available.