Wednesday, June 11, 2014


So we're moving the boat Friday Morning, and we're in something rather resembling an exhausted panic.  Spent today readying the paddlewheel, power, and rudder assemblies.

Paddles, or, more properly, "buckets" being framed and painted

And then being screwed to the side plates of the wheel.  Yeah, we got a little overly enthusiastic with the Gorilla Glue......
The general formula is the diameter in feet plus 1 bucket, so in the case of our rather small sternwheel, that means five paddles total.
first one side, then the other, then the center driveshaft....
it is, of course, Red, as is traditional
We also finished wiring in the instrumentation, and even had time..... make the boat official....before the rains came, that is.

So tomorrow will be a zoo.  We have to remove all the flotation and store it aboard, mount, test, and then dismount the paddlewheel, load in the mattress and tools, and in general make the thing ready for transit.

So here's your chance.  If you're in the Baltimore area we'd love your help getting this thing into the water Friday afternoon.  Wanna come visit?  Email us or comment and we'll tell you where.

Seriously, we'd love a hand.  We're tired and swamped.

More later.


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