Monday, June 2, 2014


So today, among many many other things, we mudded in the tiles of the hearth.
The terra cotta tile are bedded in a mixture of one part clay, two parts sand, and one part vermiculite.

So this gives us an inch of concrete board, half an inch of the vermiculite/clay mixture, and then a layer of terra cotta tile for the hearth.  Now I just have to clean it off my nice shiny corrugated steel.

Here's the fully mudded hearth


 Here's a long view showing the tin and the pot rack and hood.

We also...finally....installed the ladder to the loft:

And prepainted a bunch  of stuff for the morrow.

Along with installing an antique breakfront, anchoring it into the galley area.  It fits perfectly :)

And, of course, with the top installed, as indicated by an off camera Vannah White
 Here's the piece with its drawers.....just about perfect
 All in all, another good day

Stay tuned....

And COMMENT, damn ye.


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