Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ready for the move...sorta

So Howard Riopelle and Michael Kaiser from  Ironsmith Design (you may remember our metals artist friends from the roofing episode) spent nearly 3 hours today in their metals shop refining and reengineering the drive train for the paddlewheel, while Gail, single handed, UNtied every barrel so that we could do the move tomorrow morning.

Everything is in boxes....The cat is freaked.  Her only bed vanished today.

We're toast.  Ask us about moving the mattress down the stairs across a lawn and up onto the second level of the boat in the rain....better yet....don't.

So if you're in the Baltimore area tomorrow and wanna come meet us and help we'll be at the Baltimore Boating Center,

Baltimore Boating Center
2015 Turkey Point Rd.
Baltimore, 21221

There will probably be wine and beer in the offing.

From about noonish or one o'clock on we'll be REtying all the barrels and getting the Floating Empire in the water, assembling the solar panels, putting the rudder in place, setting and testing the paddle wheel, and in general making it into a vessel.  If you're in the area PLEASE come help.  Like i said, we're toast.

Hey, free original art for those that stop by :)  howzat?

Right now, wine and bathing and sleeeeeeeep.  Tomorrow will come way too early.  They're coming for the boat at  9 and we've still got a bit to prep.

Hope to see scads of you there



  1. If only I wasn't on the other coast... I'd love to be there for the final assembly/launch.

    You've all put an amazing effort into this build, and I look forward to seeing a photo of you both relaxing aboard your new vessel (or at least not working as hard!).

    Congratulations to everybody involved!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Tom. Yeah, this has been a bear of a project. Will have video of the launch on late tonight, along with....hopefully....shots of the paddlewheel going in and other stuff. Thanks for following us.