Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Storm Passeth

Well after two nights and a day of horizontal snow and howling winds, we crawl back up the docks and assess the carnage.

Hiking to the grocery store.  We fell five times between the two of us.  Nothing broken.

There's something weirdly incongruous about this.  Note, this is only like 30 hours worth of snow.  Wow.

Some of the drifts were four feet deep.  It made moving around an exercise in physical comedy.

Luckily, as is often the case, the day after the great blizzard of '16 passed was beautiful, mild, and sunny.  Tomorrow it will warm, and most of the ice and snow will go away.  Tonight, it will be mercifully quiet, wind-wise, and we'll finally get a decent night's sleep.

All in all, not too bad an experience.  Okay, can winter be done for this year?



  1. Winter took so long to arrive for the East Coast that it came all at once. That stinks that it happened that way, but hopefully winter is done and stops dumping snow storms on you guys.

  2. Looking at the long range forecast, Jarm, it seems that way. We actually grilled out two nights ago.