Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weather Insanity.

Today is Sunday, January 11.  It is 63 degrees outside right now.  We are not in Florida, we're freaking north of Baltimore.
Even the grass is thinking it's spring already.
Not done yet:  this afternoon it is supposed to rain, then the temperature is supposed to plunge 42 degrees (F) to a low of 21 tonight, accompanied by gale force winds, uncharacteristic high tides literally over the docks, then snow on Tuesday, then it gets warm again.

This weather volatility is as stunning as it is unusual, waaaaay too much energy in the system.

. . . .and I'm afraid this is probably the new normal.

Though Magellan is grooving' on the sunshine and warm weather.

More shortly if we don't blow or float away.


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