Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Yeah, it's winter....

Spent much of the week since New Years--Happy New Years by the way--tidying up our weatherstripping and getting ready for the cold weather, which--after an astonishingly warm winter thus far--finally arrived last night with high winds and temperatures in the teens.

Yeah, that's ice in the cat's bowl.  He was unamused.
Typical with winter's here, the strong NNW winds overnight blew a lot of the water out of the Middle River and down into the bay. That, coupled with the low tide this AM, means we're sitting on about a foot of water, and well below the dock.  I suspect most of the other boats are nestled firmly in the mud at this point.

Yeah, that's about four feet below normal.
On the plus side, I did find the sunglasses I dropped in the water two months ago.

Okay, so they need a little work.
So for the next few cold days, we'll rely on our trusty kero heater to keep us comfortable, then the weather supposedly warms again for some time.  Stay tuned.


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