Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Busy Day

Been a busy day here on the Floating Empire after two days of solid rain, deafening thunder, lightning....did i mention the rain?  Yeesh.

But today was pretty and a bit cool and we could actually get some things done.  First we ventured to the wilds of Ikea to get some folding chairs for the dining area.  We had bought some lovely faux wicker chairs before we started this thing.  They're great, comfy, durable, stylish......the only thing we failed to ask was: is there any door or window in this boat through which these chairs will fit?

If you're curious, the answer to that one was "No".

So they sit stylishly stacked on the bow.  We're probably giving them to a friend.  So we went to IKEA and snagged some lovely, equally stylish, black wood folding chairs for the dining area that we can make disappear if need be.

Then we tied into our major project for the day, which was the new aft stairs.  We had been using a ladder....I mean Lowes fibreglass painter's get up and down to the sleeping loft.  Not only did it take up too much freaking room, the elderly cat couldn't manage it, so either she got upstairs somehow and couldn't get down (so she just pee'd in place) or stayed downstairs and sulked.

So in my right mind and in possession of multiple power tools, I built a new set of steps in front of our power system to help us ALL access the loft.

They take up less room, aren't in danger of falling over, and are much wider in the tread department....unfortunately, though
Kallisti, though a beautiful cat, is not the brightest crayon in the pack, and has yet to figure them out without either needing help or hurting herself...


Dinners have been wonderful.  yesterday, we caught our first crabs and made them into a great little meal.
And then today, after a lovely lunch at Shultz's of lump crabcake, we found some small fillets and had them with a monster salad and fresh bread for dinner.
(apologies for the low light levels)

We hated it as you can see....

My point is, we're living rather large in our new and simplified lifestyle.

We ordered the edgestar fridge today, 3.1 cubic feet that runs at a massive 35 watts when it's on.  Full review when we get it installed and running.

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  1. So, just wondering, what are your plans for when the temperature drops and the snow flies?

  2. David, we rather get that question a lot. The only answer I have is: That remains to be seen. Floating Empire is...well...moderately well insulated, and the membrane is highly reflective...both directions...of heat. We have noted that, particularly in the upper areas, the space heats up rapidly even with a small heat source. We have our Kirkman lanterns, which put out about 1200 btu apiece when running, in addition to supplying light, and we have the hearth which could accommodate any number of heat sources. We also, of course, have the option of heading further south. We'll just have to see, and to see how mild or awful the winter approaching us becomes.


  3. Thanks, just wondering. Best of luck and I'll keep following.