Monday, July 7, 2014

Fun and, really

Its amazing how many wonderful things can open up to you if you just change your life a bit.  Floating Empire has been a lot of things over the last few weeks:  A home, a magnet for meeting new folks, an ongoing art project, an adventure.....

Sometime just sitting on the front deck and reading can bring the world to your door.

Here's a video of us cruising in some VERY unpredictable wind in our new friend Lee's Columbia 24 in the inlet from Middle River into the Chesapeake Bay.  Pretty rough from all the boat wakes, as you can see, but then it was Fourth of July Weekend.

Sometimes the opportunity for local produce offers itself.

I love local farm stand stuff that hasn't been on a truck for three weeks before you get it.

As Floating Empire is an Art project as well, we finally got to a point we could embellish.

Here's a bit of Celtic/Vardo nicery going on.

First Stencil.
Then paint

Nice Hunh?


Of course the scary thing is that, on one level, BOTH the sides of Floating Empire are nothing but a collection of picture frames......hmmmmmmm.

Stay tuned while things get out of hand.


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