Friday, November 22, 2019

A little good news

Hi folks, sorry for the lack of posts recently, but we came back from a fairly long trip aboard "Constellation" only for the both of us to come down with the flu.  More stuff in work so please bear with us.

I got some rather good news today from Amazon Kindle that my trilogy of cyberpunk plays "The Coyote Trilogy" is finally, FINALLY going to be available on Kindle.  The download of the trilogy should come out at about $1.99 and the kindle unlimited download is, of course, free.

I've always been proud of the plays.  They've been performed in  LA, Illinois, and Baltimore to good reviews, but not having electronic copies available has always kinda limited the number of people with access to them,  That will change in 48 hours from my posting this.

The Coyote Trilogy is here

So feel free to rush right out in a downloading frenzy.  They plays are also available for production.

More shortly.  We're both almost healthy.


Friday, November 1, 2019

Happy Samhain Everyone!

Happy Halloween.  Lots of new posts coming shortly, and some great pictures of  our most recent voyages.

Magellan insists on calling it Samhain.