Friday, April 18, 2014


This thing is finally starting to look boat-like....okay, raft-like

This afternoon, after tightening all the strapping on our barrels, we actually began working on the deck, moving the panels into, glueing, and stapling them with 1" galv. staples.

Sigh...some of this stuff is a wee bit warped, but we coaxed it into place.

At least things proved to be square enough to make this work.

An air stapler makes quick work of stuff like this, fixing the panels before they can shift and WAAAY faster than screws would have been.  I can see that this toy will also come in major handy when we start siding the deckhouse, and, yes, my pants ARE falling down in this shot.  Too damn much stuff in the pockets, as usual.

Note to self, be VERY careful to whom you give access to airtools......actually, she did quite well.

Here's the first several panels in place.  Its amazing how the frame stiffens with just these few tacked down.

So to recap:  1) if you do this kind of project, get  yourself a bottle jack to help keep things level and move stuff into place and 2) the air stapler is one of the best purchases we made for putting this thing together.

More later, kiddies.  I'm off to work.  I'm hoping to get the remainder of the deck planks in during my limited free time this weekend (working again) and can begin actually raising the deck house come monday.

Stay tuned.  Love to hear your comments.


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