Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Of Pipe and Paranoia

So this morning's effort (and one of my worst fears)is getting the pipes through to hold the barrels.  My trepidation was that the holes wouldn't line up exactly enough to put the 10' pipe sections through.


Fortunately, the pipe is easily flexible enough to accept variances of at least 1/2". The pieces slid through with very little effort.

Here's the first pipe in place.

One of my other fears, and one you should bear in mind if  you try this, is where the couplings hit.  The couplers are too large to fit through any hole you might reasonably drill for the pipes.  Fortunately, I was lucky and none of them hit directly on the beams.

Though some of them were pretty close.

So here's a lovely shot of the first two pipe rails in place.
So where's the shot of the other two in place?  Well I'll tell you: stupid here didn't buy enough pipe! Not quite sure how I did that, but the second rank will have to wait til friday.

Did a quick barrel test, though to make sure my dimensions were on (and, yes, I know they go on the bottom) and that there was enough clearance between the drums and the side rail.  Yep.  All is well.

I also, while we're on the subject of paranoia, did some reinforcing of the piers holding the frame aloft, adding some legs and other supports.

Don't think it would, but having this thing come crashing down at this point would

So I'll be spending the rest of the day cleaning out and sealing the barrels, giving my back and my poor hand a rest from yesterday and prepping to strap them in place and add the deck.  As they were full of vinegar, the yard will smell like a salad for the next nine days.

I don't mind, I like salad :)
Barrels drying in the vinegar scented breeze.

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