Thursday, April 17, 2014

How is it that I'm still moving.....?

Wow.  Productive but utterly exhausting day.

Today we completed all the centerline supports for the floor. well as the paddlewheel well
...finished the foredeck reinforcing, snugged up the pipe fittings, and tightened the webbing securing the barrels.  Here you can see how the pocket drill works to attach stringers.
...oh did I mention we painted two coats of exterior latex on ALL the floor panels for the entire first deck of the boat?  They're currently scattered all around the yard like discarded dominos, drying.

Then we all went inside and ate everything in the fridge.  Actually that's not fair, I grilled some large and entirely appreciated burgers, we destroyed a number of potatoes in potato salad, and thoroughly killed a rather large amount of Australian Shiraz.

Tomorrow will be telling.  Tomorrow we'll attach the flooring (save the center strip that will house wiring, etc.) to the deck.  Wish us luck.

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