Friday, October 10, 2014

On Release of the Plans, recycling furniture, and arts and crafts afloat

We've been slogging away on the plans for you guys, and should get them ready for release before the end of October,  '14.  {update, it's now going to be more like the first of the year.  On consultation, we've made some real improvements to the construction plans.  We think you'll be pleased.} The plans will be in a single .pdf file, complete with line drawings and applicable photos from the original construction, and will hopefully enable you folks to build your own barrel shanty avoiding the mistakes we made in ours (along with some of the expense, bleeding, cursing, and general angst).  Now I just have to figure out how to get the plans to whoever wants them.

In answer to a frequent question: No, we aren't charging for the plans, they'll be free to download, but we will solicit donations from ya if ya got it.

A decade or so ago I built a set of shelves for my study, and they've followed me through successive moves.  Unfortunately, a 6' X 4' bookcase was NOT gonna fit here on the empire.  So I knocked them down and transformed them into shelving sets for one of the kingpost sets here aboard.

 Here's the first side going in, anchored to the roof rafters and a kickboard.

 We made space to accommodate a tea chest we had in storage at the bottom, so it becomes pull out storage and seating.

We also used a cover board at the top to turn our little Ikea snake lights into indirect lighting when we want it.

All in all a rather nice project.

The Marina asked us to do signs for the bathrooms to replace the industrial stick ons they were using.  We did a faux distressing on some planking and got fanciful.

Turned out pretty well, no?

We even had time to go gathering some black walnuts.  More on this on our cooking blog, Onboard Cooking soon.

More shortly.  So How do we get you guys the .pdf files?  Please leave us suggestions in the comments.


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  1. Make them available here, in the side. If you don't want that to happen for whatever reason, you could have a human verification part that sends an email to you and when you reply it speaks with them. Make sense?

  2. It does indeed, Jarm. I kinda had something like an email responder in mind, maybe linked to something here in the text.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Zem. We'll be doing some major revisions to the vessel over the next few months, and will hopefully be heavily documenting those. Thanks for reading. M

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