Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Frozen River

We thought we'd share with you some more winter scenes here in Maryland.  The Middle River freezes over occasionally, the ice becomes covered in snow.  It makes for some remarkable images.

Morgainne photographing the photographer

Floating Empire and the Frozen River

Snow on the ice on the water. . .

Stay warm, Folks.


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  1. How safe is it to be out there on the floating docks while the water is still frozen? It is a beautiful shot, but I just think it would be a little slick on the dock because of all the snow and ice. I wonder if the dock gets damaged for being in this sort of cold condition.

  2. Actually, Zach, we don't have floating docks here at the Marina, they're fixed, which does cause some challenges in some of the more extreme north wind driven low tides we've experienced this winter. The marina runs Ice Eaters, a sort of underwater fan, to move warmer bottom water up to the surface and break up the ice, which protects both the boats and the pier pilings from the ice. Seems to wrk pretty well.

    But we are more than ready for spring.