Thursday, September 17, 2015

Some Galley Revisions

Okay, so this comes under the category of "things I've been putting off for ages because I've been dreading them." . . .or something.  We love our Butterfly Kerosene Stove.  It burns hot and clean, sips fuel, and in general makes for some great cooking.  From the first, though, we realized that there was one problem:  It's nearly 13 inches high.

Here's our galley as it was
Works great, but it's a little high.
It worked fine, but Morgainne just about had to stand on her tip-toes to stir a tall pot, and I kept whacking my head on the vent hood trying to look down into stuff I was cooking.  So on a beautiful fall day and in my right mind and everything, we attacked the galley hearth, disassembling the whole thing, removing the tiles, taking off the concrete board underlayment. . . .you get the idea.

The Demo went better than I'd anticipated.
We cut down the top to make a two level hearth, still tiled and underlayed with concrete board.

Here's the new upper part of the Hearth, suitable for storage and catering stoves.

Here's the new lower level, sans flashing.  It dropped the stove some 11 inches.

Heres' another view.  We'll be putting on flashing and trim today,
But will be leaving the bottom open for a trash bin.

Here's with some of the trim in place.  Not bad, eh?

Morgainne apparently approves!

All and all, as usual, it wasn't as awful a project as I'd feared.  Does that make me more amenable to tackling other projects on which I've been procrastinating?

Not on your life.

Hey more stuff over at Life Art Water and Onboard Cooking coming online shortly, give em a look.

More later,


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