Tuesday, April 5, 2016

This Wind. . . .

as in "Boy Am I Tired of This Wind".   We've had now five straight days of insane winds, some gusting to 50 knots.  One of the effects of this if the winds are from the North is to blow the water out of Middle River and Hopkin's Creek, which, in turn, makes for some obscenely low tides.  QED:

This is nuts

Even with our stairs, seen on the left, it's still over two feet up to the dock.
Pole Vaulting anyone?

This is ridiculous

The problem is, this ISN'T low tide, it's HIGH TIDE.  At present, we have only about a foot of water under the floatation.  This could be far too interesting a day.

More later.

Stay warm


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I like the new cover.

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