Monday, June 27, 2016

The New Sail

Spent most of yesterday working on the new sail for the Puddleduck.  Our original one was cut down from a discarded sail here at the Marina and we could never get it to lay right because of the inherent belly in the sail.

There ARE advantages in living with a fibre artist....
The material we're using is for a poly sunshade.
So we laid the thing out, measured, marked and cut it, then had to hem the edges.

Laying out the grommet points to lash it to the mast.
So by the end of yesterday, we got it lashed to the mast and the mast mounted to "Dharma Duck".   Today we'll do more tweaking on the rig, adjusting the sprit, and so on.  It's a boat.  Fiddling with them is what it's about.

Hey more stuff at Wild Shore Press and over at Life, Art, Water.  Check Em Out.

More later.  Gonna be another pretty day.


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